Friday, 11 January 2013


If you are worrying about how to reset windows 7 password. Then I have a solution for you. Using my trick you will be able to reset windows 7 password without using anything other than the built–in troubleshooting tools. You will need just a windows 7 System recovery disc or USB flash drive. Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Press Win Key+R and type cmd in the Run command box and hit enter to open command prompt. And then type net user in the command prompt and hit Enter. The Command Prompt will show you all accounts on the Windows 7 PC.

Step 2: Type net user xyz and press Enter. (If xyz is the locked admin account's name) now command prompt will ask to type a new password. Enter your chosen new password. Now you have successfully created a new password on the locked admin account.

 Step 3: Type shutdown -r -t 00 and press Enter.

Your Windows 7 PC should be rebooted automatically and then you can log in Windows 7 with the new password. In this way you can reset windows 7 password.

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